Our Philosophy in building, design, and our work values.

I would be remiss in working for somebody without at least taking the time to express underlying principles of Why we build and describe those values as part of our philosophy.  I guess I could have named the company after myself, or a favorite pet or animal, or something catchy but I chose Janus because this God from the Roman pantheon best supports our thoughts toward hearth and home.  When the Roman Legions left for their seasonal campaigns, they honored Janus who was to protect their hearths & their homes, their wives & their children while they were away.  Entrusted to his watchful gaze, Janus faced both forwards & backwards, into the future & past, the watcher at the gate & threshold.   In the same manner we also carry the responsibility and privilege of being primary guardians of the integrity of what we build.  It is a task that we take seriously – built with thought for the present & future.

At Janus Coastal we can describe our entire corporate values in three words; Vision, Passion, and Excellence. 


“If you don’t have a vision, you’re going to be stuck in what you know.  And the only thing you know is what you’ve already seen.” Iyanla Vanzant

I think one of the most amazing of human traits is the ability to see what isn’t there, to ask “What if….?”  When a designer or owner says, “I wish I could….” It doesn’t elicit a collective eyeroll from the design & construction team.  Our corporate values call us to embrace the idea of the “could-be’s” and “what about if we do this…”. Vision compels us to be creative problem solvers committed to finding solutions, overcoming obstacles, and enthusiastically embracing an unstoppable tomorrow. We love bringing our clients dreams to life!


Philosopher & critic John Ruskin said, “When Love and Skill work together, expect a masterpiece”.  Passion is the intangible ingredient that can elevate the most simple thing to the sublime.  A Mays River oyster simmered with cream and butter, salt & pepper, without passion is a dull and senseless thing. But, cooked with passion will likely be something you think about late at night when you just can’t sleep. Likewise, passion in the construction process ends up being that mystical math of 2+2=8.  Your home becomes more than just a building, it becomes a repository of memories, expressions of creativity, playful and warm.  With passion your project becomes an extension of yourself. 


I got my first real job when I was about 12 years old working in my uncle’s ice factory, my job was stacking bags of ice (thousands per day!) but I worked with a crusty old ex-navy Chief Petty Officer who instilled in me that what I did mattered less than how I did it.  Stacking ice mattered, so did mopping floors, and cleaning toilets and pretty much everything I did (even how I tucked in my shirt and wore a belt everyday!)  My take-away and how it translates into construction is that every person, and every task, no matter how mundane can be undertaken with gusto and care and excellence and that the excellence in the work elevates the doer of the task.  I like to think that fifty years or a hundred years from now the Bob Vila of the 22nd century will be dismantling my work and thinking “damn!  That’s some craftsmanship!”